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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 27, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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that was very important to us, the actors. >> not for nothing, you're one of my favorites on the red carpet. i said at the beginning of the show i was very excited to see what you would be wearing because i think you just do it right. >> oh. >> you take chances sometimes and i think they always pay off. how much pressure is it because i'm sure there's lots of people out like me who are waiting to see what you're wearing. >> it's interesting because i'm like you, i'm just as interested to see what everybody is wearing. there is a certain amount of pressure and if you have a beautiful dress, you want to make sure you're standing properly and your hair is okay. but it's also a great pleasure, too. it's really a privilege to get to wear a dress like this. >> i think hollywood had a good year this year. >> i think so, too. >> what did you love? >> i loved "the sessions." i love "django." "lincoln" was beautiful, "argo." there were so many great movies this year i have to say. >> thank you. good luck to you tonight.
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and you look beautiful in cha l chanel. >> thank you. >> nice to see you again. thank you very much. now, that was julianne moore, nominated for "game change" tonight, a.j. this has been a very, very good evening. >> and you mentioned she's wearing chanel and my understanding from l.z. who is with me, our fashion expert, she's the only one wearing chanel on the red carpet. >> to the right now. but i have to tell you she usually wears tom ford. to see her wearing chanel, slight departure. >> a tom ford at home saying what happened? >> tom ford is at home saying thank god somebody else had to do it tonight. julianne moore, stunning, one of my favorites. >> let's take a close-up look at julia stiles right now. >> she looked lovely. i love when a woman has blond hair and it goes with the different shades of blue. i thought that worked really well on her. stunning dress. i love the sophistication of it. a.j., we're seeing so much
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beading on the s.a.g. carpet. the golden globes and s.a.g. are a precursor of what we will see oscar night. >> i always wonder how different particularly obviously with the film stars we're seeing tonight, how different they approach a night like the s.a.g. awards versus what they're going to do for the oscars which really are considered the granddaddy of all of the award shows. >> when the s.a.g. started it was a much more casual event. people were just -- men were wearing suits and basic ties, but they've bumped it up, and they're really knocking it out. you could take all these looks from this red carpet and put it on the oscar red carpet and you wouldn't know the difference. >> let's talk about one of the stars of "homeland." did you see damian lewis? >> so handsome and the number one accessory for men on the red carpet from the golden globes to the oscars, it's the beautiful bow tie. >> i wondered about wearing a bow tie. i said i'm going to go with the tie. i'm going to go with a fat tie
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tonight. >> home run, a.j. >> let's talk about helen hunt. we just saw her walking by. pretty extraordinary, and i don't know much. >> let me tell you something, you saw my mouth hit the floor. it is all about metallics on the red carpet. it was strapless. and i always say women should show off their best accessories. her shoulders are spot on. it's age appropriate when you have a body like that and i really like that very sexy -- i call it that california malibu hair. it plays against the casual and the sophisticated. one of my best dressed of the night. >> one of the cool things about how connected you are in the fashion industry is you get the early heads up on some of the most anticipated dresses of the night. anne hathaway expected to walk away with an award tonight. what is she wearing? >> let me tell you, nobody knows who ann hae hathaway is wearing yet. in 2009 she looked like a grecian goodness in night. tonight she might be doing chanel but it's anybody's guess.
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the thing i love about ann is ann says she's the luckiest girl in the world because she gets to play dressup and she has the best time for awards season because it's a little girl's fantasy to wear the best of the best. >> i always wonder as well when these award shows such as the s.a.g. and globes are taking place, if they're giving any consideration to the fact they're sitting around having dinner. they actually have to take some thought into the fact they have to get up from their table, leave their vegan plate behind, and run up there on stage. >> a.j., it's all about that picture perfect moment. they think about what they're going to do, but if they look good, again, that picture is going to last a lifetime. >> you said you thought damian lewis from homeland looked spectacular. let's find out how his co-star claire danes is looking tonight because she is with nischelle. >> she looks spectacular. they were just talking about how your co-star damian lewis looks really good. >> oh, does he? i'm excited to see all my
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buddies. >> you are looking divine in g t vinci. >> here is what i love g it. it fits to a tee but it looks perfectible. >> it is. the heels are a little intense. >> can we see them? oh, baby. >> i'm slightly wobbly in the heels i have to confess but the rest of it is relatively comfortable. >> other thing i like is you have a bold lip. i said that's nice. >> we went with the graphic deco them. >> "homeland" is a hit. bodhi is a fugitive. he and carey are really in love. what's going on? >> i know as little or as much as anyone else. i think the writers actually are not entirely sure where we're headed from here. so i mean, this is our downtime and we're just kind of recovering from the effort of putting last season together.
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so, you know, the imaginations are, you know, percolating. >> i like that word, percolating. we are just hanging out here live on cnn. we were doing an hour-long special but we're having so much fun we decided to hang out a little longer and talk to you because you are one of the nominees for "homeland" and "homeland" is cleaning up. are you going in with four nominations? >> we have done very well, but again, i mean, it's always nice to win but i'm excited to see everybody. >> where is the bill -- bill bambino 1234. >> he's with my parents being adorable. i kind of already miss him but it's good for me to have occasional ventures out into the world without him attached to my boob. >> i don't have any kids, but all of my girlfriends who do have kids say, yeah, there's that immediate just love that you can't even describe. >> yeah, no, it's wild.
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it's totally deep and great, but, you know, he's just starting to like wake up and come to and really see me and there are little smiles that creep in every so often and it's exciting. >> i'm not trying to rush you but more? are you going to have more? >> i could use a little break. yeah, no, i need to recover and there's still plenty to do with cyrus, but maybe one day, yeah. >> good luck tonight. have a little fun. >> thank you wp. >> without the baby. >> thank you, thank you. >> we'll be right back, everyone. [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat.
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the red carpet at the screen actors guild awards. i'm here with my new friends, anne hathaway and hugh jackman. first of all, can we get this out of the way because you look like you should be on a date like you should be here together. >> right, yeah. >> you really should.
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>> what are you wearing? >> he hasn't asked me. >> no. >> you don't know when to ask a girl who looks good out for a proper date. >> no. >> that's why we like him. >> i was just playing. >> who are you wearing? >> i am wearing prada. yes. a little moment there. very nice. thank you. >> i'm wearing john batista valley. i started doing a happy dance when i saw your dress because i really, really liked it. i thought it was so cute. >> thank you very, very much. >> and who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing a dress by carrison. she makes beautiful dresses for women. >> i like her name. it's a very harmonious name. >> one word. >> good for you. >> so you guys are both nominated tonight, and i have been saying that really i think -- you have both done some great work but these kind of roles were almost tailor made for you guys, do you think? >> well, no, because yours was tailor made for cole and mine
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was tailor made for patti. >> it did strike me tonight that we are in a way carrying torches that have been carried for 27 years. i think we should definitely mention that ann's mom played the role she played. so one of the torches was carried by her mom. so you can say she's a second generation "les mis." >> my mom understudied fontina when i was 8. >> how special is that for you? >> very special. this whole thing would have a surreal edge to it to begin with but when i consider that, sometimes it knocks me sideways. >> day one of shooting she had a 1995 denim jacket with kate, which is her mom's name, written on top. >> the morning of the oscar nominations i put it on. >> did you really? >> yeah. >> that gives me goose bumps. you know, we don't know these things when you go in and we see you doing these amazing performances like when you just
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3 1/2 minutes of you on the screen just singing. crazy. we've got ben affleck coming. bring him on in. >> these guys have to go. >> let us go. >> i'm sorry. they're taking them away from me and bringing in ben affleck. it's a good night for me. thank you. good luck. you look gorgeous. >> gosh, all right. thank you. >> come on in. >> come on in, fellow. how are you? >> i'm great. what a great couple of actors you just had on there. aren't they spectacular. >> i was just telling them i believe those roles they played were made for them and, of course, they say it was made for the actors that did it on broadway, but they were so good. >> the actors that did it on broadway were great and they were every bit as great. they're incredible and that show was incredible. i wouldn't be surprised at all if they were awarded for that. but it's really cool to get to run into really talented people like that when you come to these shows. >> let's let the fawning tonight because "argo" has been kind of a movie that everybody loved but
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no one expected it would start just cleaning up. last night you guys won the producers guild. tonight you're up again for cast ensemble. are you proud? >> i'm thrilled. i'm thrilled. i never thought i would get to this place in my career at this point. particularly as a filmmaker and it's just a real honor and i appreciate the honor of being in the company of these people i have always looked up to and always admired. it reminds me of sort of when i first started out and that feeling i had of being humbled and being overwhelmed and seeing people who i thought were so great and i'm shocked every time we've gotten anything, and it's -- but it always has felt incredible. >> wasn't that 15 years ago with "good will hunting"? >> i think it was even more, like 16 years ago, something like that. i was this tall then. i grew a lot since then. >> you were a little bennie. >> they called me that. >> now, just a couple weeks ago, ben, we got word that iran was going to make a response movie to "argo."
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>> yes. >> called "the general staff" and what -- >> i'm going to talk to them about that title because if they want to do a franchise with me, you know, i think we need to build in something a little better than like the general's shirt or whatever they're calling it. i was quite disappointed and then i heard clooney was producing. >> what do you think about that? it's a free enterprise. >> in truth it's like sad. there were great people in iran, many of them i know who we hope for nothing but peace toward and they're living under an oppressive regime and it's a very difficult way to live. there are a lot of filmmakers and people that come from there and it's very hard and part of what regimes do who need to enforce their political authority is create propaganda sa they're stepping on our movie to create propaganda. it's exciting that we've put some kind of a footprint out in the world. >> that's actually a really
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profound answer. i would say to you you're going to be sitting next to the cast of "les mis" so when ann and hugh if their names are called you can stand up, hoot, do -- >> i am going to stand up, stand for bradley cooper who i think is a genius. all of "silver linings" is incredible, the "lincoln" cast and the tv awards are full of more talent than i have ever seen. it's exciting and fun. >> thank you. appreciate the time. >> i appreciate it. >> we're having so much fun here on the red carpet at the screen actors guild award. we're going to stay over a little bit longer. stay with us. we'll be right back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. no go call. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited.
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you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. welcome back to red carpet. i'm a.j. hammer and we are live at the 19th annual screen actors guild awards here at the shrine auditorium in los angeles. i'm joined by lawrence zarian, fashion expert, l.z. by my side watching some pretty amazing
4:50 pm
styles. >> we get to see them all walk down the red carpet. >> i don't know if we have the shot up right now. we're guying "glee" cast members. lea michele is standing there in pink on the red carpet. i will get your quick reaction. >> she's been really pushing it when it comes to high fashion dressing, but this is so sweet. it is so sophisticated. it's sexy and i love that you focus on the face and those drop earrings. spectacular. look at alfre woodard. looks beautiful. >> let's talk about one of the big nominees tonight, jessica chastain, of course, is nominated for "zero dark thirty." she's young hollywood right now and i have to imagine for all the fashion designers she's one of the most sought after actresses by every designer saying i want to dress her. talk to me about her look. her favorite design ser di or and she didn't disappoint. she's wearing a dior haute couture gown.
4:51 pm
when you have a style team like jennifer lawrence does, you have to pay attention. i guarantee you she's making all the executive decisions. nobody is telling her what to wear but they're giving her choice after choice after choice. >> a lot of classic looks on the red carpet. tonight inside what people are going to see is sort of a nod to old hollywood and the classic movie theaters of the 1930s. now, now, julianna marguiles has been represented well before. tell me what she's wearing tonight. >> her entire look screams old hollywood glam. she did the gland of black and white. it's a perfect dress for her. and she's an ultimate fashionista. she knows how to work it and she always draws the attention up to frame the face. and she always knows how to work her hair. she's doing it right. >> one of the greatest accessories at an after party is one of the statues of the actor, as it's called. that's what you win, that's what
4:52 pm
you're awarded with. jennifer lawrence likely to have one of those accessories in her hand tonight. talk to me about how it will accentuate whatever she's wearing. >> it's great to throw in nice clothes and look pretty but when you get to walk home with that s.a.g. award it's all about the work. that dior dress, so stunning and the hair parted on the side. i love everything about it. look at her. she's absolutely stunning. >> and we always talk about how important the jewelry is, there are jewelry designers who are basically begging the actors and actresses to wear what they're offering, and it's such an essential decision when it comes to pairing up what whatever they're wearing.
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>> okay, more fashion expertise on the way. we'll be right back.
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kwoem back to cnn's live coverage of the screen actor's guild red carpet. i can tell you, when they go inside the shrine auditorium tonight, they will be sitting together at a table with dwen ze -- denzel washington. i got a sneak peek of what you'll see play out on television. we are just a couple of hours away at the beginning of the screen actors guild awards. we're in the show room here. i'm can kathy connell who's the producer of this shin dig. take this winner's walk with me. let me see how it feels. >> my name is called, i walk up these stairs. >> and i pretent you with the actor. >> wow. this thing is heavy. >> when they stand here, they
4:58 pm
give their speech, they look out and this is what they see. >> what happens now? >> let me take you to the press room. >> can i take the actor with me? thank you very much. >> go right up here, my dear. and you are being photographed. >> and i face the pesky media members. >> yay! congratulations. >> i never thought this day would come. thank you, guys. thank you so much. okay, so we've given you a look at what goes on in the ballroom and what you see on tv. now we go lind the scenes. everyone says this is the awards show they love because it's actors honoring actors. >> lots of actors who get to meet for the first time in this room. we may put the cast of "modern family" next to the cast of "lincoln." >> all of this will happen in just a couple of hours. the 19th annual screen actor's guild. question gave you a little sneak peek exclusive on cnn.
4:59 pm
and yes, i was rocking the sweat suit, a.j. i like the look, i like the look. >> if only you had kept that on for this show. but who's going to get the actor trophy tonight in all those categories. who performance by the big bang theory. "homeland" in close second with 27%. and in one of the most highly anticipated categories, outstanding ensemble performance in a film. viewers say "argo." "lincoln" with 22% of the vote.